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Owning a home means there is always a project that needs to be done. The home improvement shows make it look easy, but do you have the time and inclination to get it all done? Are there little projects around your home that you’d like to see done, but don’t need a large crew and a disruptive full remodel? Are you preparing your home for sale and need cost-effective repair work to ensure that you home will sell for top dollar? A Hammer for Hire offers the services you need, on a scale that makes sense for the scope of your smaller home projects!

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Small Home Improvements

Homeownership comes with an ever-growing list of things to do. When the list gets too long, give Steve a call! Learn More

Real Estate Preparation

Are you considering putting your home on the market? Getting top-dollar for your property takes a little bit of investment of time and work to make sure it ready to show. Learn More

DIY Help

You’ve got the will, you’ve got the tools, but maybe that DIY project got a little bigger than anticipated. Steve can help! Learn More